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Determining maximum characters: Introducing “Lorem6”

By February 4, 2021August 30th, 2022No Comments

In my designs, I often need to determine the maximum amount of characters that a text field in a component may have.

I’ve created a long paragraph of Lorem Ipsum in which I’ve nested numbers that indicate the amount of characters up until that number (it includes the number itself). By copy pasting this text in a design or text field, it is easy to determine how much text should be allowed and how many characters it includes.

See below, feel free to copy paste 🙂


Lorem6ip10sum dolo20r amet, 30 choro p40ant pers50que is v60ix, aper70iri nece80 sit tib90us cum 100t, ei a110app ter120e tac m130ates re140cu abo 150sed. Ha160s an au170gue per180p tua s190plendi 200e. Eume210 iscere220 vivend230o corpo240ra ea, 250dicta t260empori 270us ei h280is, ad 290probol 300mutat p310roba us320 cum. E330x sit b340onorum 350compre 360ensam, 370partie 380do quae390rendum 400vitupe 410atorib 420s pro e430a, mei 440id agam450 munere460 effic 470antur. 480Duo at 490facil s500i dispu510 ationi520. Lorem530t, ei p540appe er550e tacim560 tes re570cu abo 580sed. Ha590s an au600gue per610p tua s620plen id630e. Eum 640dis ere650 vive d660o corpo670ra ea, 680dicta t690empori 700us ei h710is, ad 720probos 730mutat p740r batus750 cum. E760x sit b770onorum 780com reh790ensam, 800partie 810do quae820 endum 830vitupe 840atoribu850s pro e860a, mei 870id agam880 munere890 effic 900antur. 910Duo at 920fa ilis930i dispu940 ationi950. Lorem960t, ei p970appete 980e taci 990ates r1000us. Ha1010 an au1020ue per1030etua s1040le. Eu1050i cere1060 ivend1070 corpo1080a ea, 1090icta t1100mpo ib1110us ei h1120s, ad 1130robo 1140utat p1150obatu 1160cum. E1170 sit b1180norum 1190o preh1200nsam, 1210artie 1220o quae1230endum 1240itupe 1250tori u1260 pro e1270, mei 1280d aga 1290muner 1300effic 1310antur.1320 Duo a1330faci i1340i disp1350 atiol1360.

UPDATE: We have made an online webtool for this 🙂

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