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What can we learn from the difference between enrolments and prospects?

By June 5, 2016March 18th, 2021No Comments

An effective way to find out how you can better convert visiting website users into paying customers is to look at those who visit your current website versus those who are your paying customers and see where the differences lay. In the context of an education company, it would be looking at the marketing website users versus the actual enrolled students.

Current website visitors

We started by creating an overview of the different audience segments that visited the website of a period of time.

Student enrolments

Then we requested enrolment data from the admissions department using the same metrics over the same period of time.

We split these reports up into the different pillars (below is an example of Business) but for the following comparison we added them all up.


As the final step, we placed data that we could compare next to each other to see what stood out.

From this comparison, we can see that there is a younger audience who visits the website, versus the students who are actually enrolled. Although it does usually take a while from orientation to application, this insight can be a reminder that we do need to work on converting a younger audience to get the age of enrolments down.

There is also a large discrepancy between Indian visitors and Indian enrolments. Why is this so large? Perhaps we should consider a special section aimed at converting Indian prospective students.

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