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Lorem6 as a web app

By February 7, 2022August 30th, 2022No Comments

Almost exactly one year ago I published this blog post in which I created a short paragraph with embedded numbers that indicated the character counts.

Use cases are (1) when a designer or a content producer needs to tell a developer how many characters should be allowed in any particular field and (2) when a large text block needs to adhere to the maximum of 80 characters per line (

I’m delighted to announce that a few friends have helped me to create a web tool that can generate lorem ipsum text and inject numbers automatically and at any desired interval. It’s been named “Lorem6” (the number 6 is the 6th character) and can be found out here:

If you discover any more use cases than already mentioned below, please let me know any in the comments or follow the app on twitter:



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