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Ons trots

By August 8, 2007February 25th, 2023No Comments

The Maze

Hullo all, am here writing in Ruben’s crazy ol bloggy thing (which he updates almost every single day!!!) Anyway, this is what we’ve been working on for the past week,. Ruben will tell you that all of the good bits are what he’s done and the lumps in the maze are the work of Miki (myself). Maar helaas, that’s not true. The maze is probably the most complex bit of work that we’ve completed so far and included several painstaking hours of working out the exact heights etc (maximum- almost a metre) with string lines and reaaaallly difficult Maths equations (solved by Ruben himself… or so he will tell you.) The chewed out centres of the maze (as you can see in the front of the pic) are from Ruben. No, not really, there’s this pretty awful disease going round the trees here that they can’t get rid of, which causes all of the damage. Almost as bad as the floods over here I tell ya. 🙂 Ok, well hope you’re all well over there in Dutchieland.

Dit ben Ruben’s heel platte boom. Hij ben zo heel veel trots van dit. Lang tijd naar klaar. Het is mooi weer hier nu, bijna elke dag daar ben sonskijn en een bietjie clouds, maar nee regen- niks! yay!! Mischien ons gaat naar London dit Saterdag en Sondag so daar zijn meer photos voor jou te zien wanneer ons terugkeer. Tot volgende tijd. Van Miki. (uit Australie)

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