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Behind the Camera

First two weeks at Campfire Safaris

By July 10, 2006May 17th, 2020No Comments


Finally internet,

These 2 weeks i checked the internetcafe’s regularly, but everytime internet was down. Until now it seems.

So, sorry for being so late with starting this blog.


The flight was really good, except for the length and the small room for your legs.

We first stayed at a hotel in Johannesburg for 2 nights. We had an excursion to Pretoria and a poor neighboorhood. On friday, we took the bus to Hoedspruit.

Finally, after 7 hours in the bus, we arrived at Hoedspruit, where all the project leaders were waiting for us. Except for my projectleader.

So i was waiting and waiting and finally after another hour in the middle of somewhere Latisha arrived, she drove me to Campfire Safari.


Campfire is like a really nice holiday place with little rondawels and caravans, covered by a fence in the middle of Beluni. Beluni is attached to Kruger National Park, every animal can travel freely from and to Kruger.

Im sorry i forgot my usb cable, otherwise i might have been able to upload some photo’s of Campfire.

What ive done so far

I really dont have the time to write all the things ive done so far. So ill write the nicest things in short.

ehm, its still to much, i have a few minutes left. tonight we’ll go out to the fort. Last night ive slept in a tree in the bush with 4 other dutch students. Reaaallly beautiful. We heard elephants walking by in the middle of the night, unfortunately we didnt see any lions. Maybe next time.

When will i write here again?

I dont know when ill be able to write here again tbh, it can take another week or i might be back at home. Ill uploud the photo’s to here from my own computer then.

So far it has been reaaallly great, i dont know how it can be better. I live in the bush, see all mammels in the wild, learn a lot (everyday lecture, tracking and bushwalk) and ive made great friends.

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