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Random Thoughts

#7 – I Am Human

By March 14, 2015May 3rd, 2023No Comments

Open my eyes, God gave me life.

See the daunting rock rooted in history. It was here before me, it will be here after me. Old and wise. It knows who it is, do I?

Climb to the top, don’t look down. It knows how to reveal weakness and fear.

Face the challenges with grace, accept the unknown with respect. Focus. I will reach the top. There is no alternative. I can, i will. I carry faith.

Inhale the view, above the clouds, higher than your imagination. Fear has been mastered, fall evolved in to fly.

The rock is nothing but dead stone, envying me. I am here so short, but I saw, felt and tasted more than the rock in a thousand years. I laughed, I cried, I lived.

Feet back on the ground.

What is next? Another rock? Why? Can I? Should i?


I am here, but my destiny is there. Move.
The rock just is. Accept.
Don’t resist. Flow.
Challenge the strong. Play.
Don’t think. Dance.
Overcome sacrifice. Grow.
Don’t give up. Rise.

I follow my heart. This is me, this is my path, it is the purpose of my existence. Live.

I am no rock. I am human.

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