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Living in Australia

Milk Beach

By August 31, 2013March 20th, 2024No Comments
Milk Beach

First time I discovered this tiny beach was together with my girlfriend at the time. At the time we visited the sun was setting too far east so we decided to go back later when the sun would be exactly setting behind the opera house. We planned the next visit months ahead. We had just broken up when that day arrived. I rushed home from work to still make it on time. Only getting second thoughts at the moment I arrived home, while I was rushingly putting my motorbike pants on. The thought creeped in: “why should I go today? I’m getting late for the sunset now.. I might not even make it. We broke up, she is not gonna be there.” And slowly changing back to my normal clothes again with a weird feeling in my stomach.

Few hours later I received an email with a picture from the sunset at Milk Beach. She was there. Worse, with me not being there, she had decided to say goodbye to me along with the setting sun. At the time, it felt like the mistake of my life. I took this shot when I went by myself a few days later, just to reminiscence what the heck had gone wrong.

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