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Great Ocean Road 2018

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The Great Ocean Road is a 243 km coastal road in the south of Victora. It was built between 1919 and 1932 by returning soldiers from WWI whom ended up creating the world’s largest war memorial. It also has quite stunning ocean views and is now one of the main tourist attractions in Australia.

A surfer rides a wave at Bells Beach, famous amongst surfers and it has the world’s longest continuously running pro surfing competition.

The Twelve Apostles

Traveling further west, a collection of 8 limestone stacks reach out from the water to form the Twelve Apostles. Until one of them collapsed in 2005, then there were only 7.

Limestone stacks reaching out from the water. In the bottom left are the remains of the stack that collapsed in 2005.

Gibson Beach

The view looking east from the viewpoint at the Twelve Apostles. The weather was getting gloomier.

Gibson Beach

Long exposure of the rugged conditions along the coast at the Twelve Apostles viewpoint.

The Arch

The Arch is a limestone arch nearby Port Campbell. It is closely located to the “London Arch” which partly collapsed in 1990, leaving two people stranded.

A limestone arch also known as “The Arch”.

Skenes Creek Beach

Overlooking Apollo Bay from the Skenes Creek beach at sunset.

Skenes Creek Beach

Skenes Creek at sunset.

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