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Graduation project


In first world countries, the concept of food quality has slowly stopped referring solely to health and safety. In addition to price, for the last decade or so, food decisions are increasingly influenced by culture, lifestyle, animal welfare, local produce, and the influence of food production on the environment. Society’s current response is to apply labels and certificates to provide a system of guidelines and guarantees. However, there are now many labels and certificates in circulation and as a consumer and can be hard to not be confused.

FEACH aims to translate the combination of certificates and labels into an easily readable score, which is divided into 5 categories: Animal Welfare, Climate Change, Health, Environment & Ecosystem and Fair Trade (the FEACH categories). Once a score has been determined, better alternatives can be offered.

As part of this project, a proof of concept was created in which various products were listed on a website. Each of these products had a score based on FEACH and allowed for better alternatives to be proposed. In a blue sky scenario, each product could be scanned on the go in a supermarket.


In order to graduate, I had to create a proof of concept and write a supportive narrative. Rather than trying to host the proof of concept again, as I had created it in 2009, I’d rather keep it shelved until something more in the likes of 2020 can be designed. However, you can view the supportive narrative below.

Download the Supportive Narrative.
Click here to download.