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Inle Lake

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Inle lake is Myanmar’s second largest lake and is also one of the highest. The local Intha people fish for a species of carp, nga hpein, which is a staple for their local diet. The west side is also used for floating agriculture.

Two members of the local organisation Hnalone Hla Inn Maung Mae, Kyaw Thet Nain and Thu zar khine, took us here as part of their mini tour. They also introduced us to their families who live inside one of these houses on the lake.

The lake provides a livelihood to nearly 200,000 people but is suffering from overfishing, pollution, logging and a decrease of water volume. Hnalone Hla Inn Maung Mae teaches and works with locals to conserve the lake. Read more about them on their facebook page or view the Fair Photo here

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