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Champs-Élysées from Arc De Triomphe

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A tripod would have been a great aid in absorbing the remarkably infinite repetition of circular traffic light beams. Upon entering the rooftop of the Arc de Triomphe, it quickly became clear that the arc actually had a team of countertripod specialists deployed – whose dedication to their mission with ninja precision could – at the very least – be described as commendable. This was making it near impossible to capture a long exposure photo, if it wasn’t for my secret counter-countertripod manoeuvre up my sleeve, or should I say… pants: my long legs. They were just long enough to hide most of the tripod for the couple of seconds it took for their patrol to pass, leading to this image.

Thus one could argue that maybe it wasn’t really me who particularly chose this angle. Perhaps it was more derived from what could be moulded behind the shape of my legs, thus in fact the credit for this photo should really go to the Arc de Triumph security? Merci.

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