Greenpeace International


Greenpeace, a well known international environmental organisation, would like to know what the various media outlets are writing about their organisation, so that they know how they are perceived in the public and can adjust their strategy accordingly.

After I started working for them as an intern in 2009, my first digital job after uni, I discovered that they used a media crawling service called Meltwater to crawl through the top tier media websites in search for the word “Greenpeace”. After it it hits a match, it will return the link with the article back to Greenpeace.

A group of interns would spit through this list of articles and assign various categories and tags, a process known to them as “coding”. I thought that this process was rather cumbersome and started working on a script that could do this partly automatically and for the part that couldn’t be done automatically, make it a lot easier.

I named it Almost but Not completely Automatic News Archiving Script, or ANANAS.

Visual Design

ANANAS was built using an array of external scripts duct taped together. Greenpeace, still very pleased with the project, hired a professional software company to refactor the code. I took it as an opportunity to improve upon the interface.

Unfortunately, I left to Australia soon after and lost touch with Greenpeace and the project. I don’t know what has happened to ANANAS since, but I know I’d love to find out.