Living in Australia

Photos taken during my stay in Australia.


Living in Australia


January 3, 2022
Although a bit fancy, Noosa's beach views, clear waters and nearby nature walks know how…
Living in Australia

Sydney Sunset

December 14, 2021
The sun sets behind the Sydney skyline.
Living in Australia

Port Macquarie Surroundings

December 13, 2021
Just above and below Port Macquarie in Australia, there are some stunning views to behold.
Living in Australia

Macquarie Pass Gumtrees

May 21, 2021
Gumtrees inside the Macquarie Pass National Park on a rainy day.
Living in Australia

King Island

April 21, 2021
A 2 km sandbar stretches from Wellington point in Brisbane with an island, called King…
Living in Australia

Sunset over the Eastern Suburbs in Sydney

April 6, 2021
I originally went to Maroubra to try to take some surfer shots but then an…
Living in Australia

Norah Head

March 31, 2021
Visiting Norah Head in the Central Coast north of Sydney to take some sun set…
Living in Australia

North Curl Curl

January 24, 2021
North Curl Curl rockpool and Dee Why beach from above.
Living in Australia

Freshwater & Long Reef Headland

January 10, 2021
Taking my new drone out to the southern part of the Northern Beaches (further up…
Living in Australia

Coogee Lightning

January 6, 2021
It was an exceptionally calm and warm summer night in Coogee when a cloud continued…
Living in Australia

Gold Coast

December 28, 2020
A few photos from when I joined my little sister in the Gold Coast for…
Living in Australia

Zenith Beach & Seagull Point

November 9, 2020
Zenith beach is the first beach down on the coast at Nelson Bay. You can…
Living in Australia

Sea Cliff Bridge

October 11, 2020
A view from above of the Sea Cliff Bridge near Wollongong.
Living in Australia

Mahon Pool

October 10, 2020
The Sunday morning that we chose to photograph the sunrise at Mahon pool near Maroubra…
Living in Australia

Giles Baths

September 30, 2020
Get ready for many more of these kindof pics.. If you're wondering why most of…
Living in Australia

Coogee Rockpool

September 21, 2020
I've been running past this scene in Coogee, Sydney, too many times and always thought…
Living in Australia

Vivid 2018

April 13, 2019
Since it first started in 2009, Vivid has grown into a 23 day grandiose festival of…
Living in Australia

Great Ocean Road 2018

December 8, 2018
The Great Ocean Road is a 243 km coastal road in the south of Victora.…
Living in Australia

Sydney Opera House

June 25, 2018
A bright daylight shot of the Sydney Opera house provides an example of the different…
Living in Australia


November 15, 2016
On the 15th of November the moon was the closest to the earth since January…
Living in Australia

Sydney Open 2016

November 8, 2016
Over one weekend, the 'Sydney Open' unlocks the doors of some of the city’s key…
Living in Australia

Smoke Streaks

May 22, 2016
Some smoke was still in the air from the backburning in the Blue Mountains, giving…
Living in Australia

ANZAC Bridge

October 25, 2015
The ANZAC bridge from below on a 7 bridges walk.
Living in Australia

Sydney Skyline

October 18, 2015
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA A memorable evening, not particularly because it was a nice view that night,…
Living in Australia

Bondi Rainbow

September 26, 2015
It was rather peculiar to see these two full rainbows on my way to the…
Living in Australia

Opera House From Harbour Bridge

February 16, 2015
Sydney skyline take from the Sydney Harbour bridge.
Living in Australia

Happy New Year

December 21, 2014
31 Dec 2014 NYE celebrations at Cremorne point. NYE celebrations at Cremorne point.
Living in Australia

Hunter Valley

December 17, 2014
Three trees in Hunter Valley.
Living in Australia

Seagulls In Flight

July 13, 2014
Two seagulls nearly touching each other in flight.
Living in Australia

Three Sisters

April 5, 2014
View of the Three Sisters (on the left) when were nearing the end of our…
Living in Australia

Milk Beach

August 31, 2013
First time I discovered this tiny beach was together with my girlfriend at the time.…
Living in Australia


April 7, 2013
A ladybug soaks up the sun in the back garden.