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Helping couples capture their special day (or days) for posterity.


Ankit & Olena

Ankit and Olena were married on the 30th of January 2020, in Kolkatta, India. Here…

Tien & Tussy

Tien and Tussy were married on the 21st of October 2017, in Nantou County, Taiwan.…

Marcus & Minh

Marcus and Minh asked me to take some post-wedding shots in late August 2015. Here…

Australia is Beautiful

It’s hard to sit still in a country as beautiful as Australia. These are photographs taken during my time living here.

Living in Australia
January 3, 2022


Although a bit fancy, Noosa's beach views, clear waters and nearby nature walks know how to impress.
Sydney SunsetLiving in Australia
December 14, 2021

Sydney Sunset

The sun sets behind the Sydney skyline.
North Smoky BeachLiving in Australia
December 13, 2021

Port Macquarie Surroundings

Just above and below Port Macquarie in Australia, there are some stunning views to behold.


“If you want to learn about the world, don’t watch TV but go to where there is no TV”. A mantra that could not be more true. These are detailed documentations of my adventures.

Menindee MemoryTravel
April 5, 2021

Mungo & Menindee

Mungo National Park and Menindee Lakes, located in the far west of New South Wales in Australia, offer tranquil landscapes rich with Aboriginal history.
Hindu PriestTravel
April 23, 2020

India 2020

When the opportunity came up to attend an Indian wedding in Kolkatta, India, it was hard to say no. Indian weddings can last for several days and often feature a…
Cormorant FishermanTravel
April 5, 2020

China 2018

Getting lost in rural China.


The most beautiful images from my blog will appear in the gallery. Registrations for purchasing on prints will open soon.

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"However far a travel, however mundane a day at home, photography entices to live more."

Since I first got my hands on a DSLR camera in 2010, there have been few challenges as wholesome and fun as chasing the magic hidden in reality that is patiently waiting to be uncovered.

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